New Point Art

Ricky Cheng

Nadia Vitlin

Nadia Vitlin is an Australian artist based in Sydney, Australia. She has a science background in geospatial information and electromagnetic energy wave spectra. Her art brings together the study of nature through the lens of the scientist with the freeform expression of poured paint. Her style focuses on manipulating the physical characteristics of paint and… Continue reading Nadia Vitlin

John Lau

John Lau is an artist and best-selling writer hailing from Hong Kong and currently residing in Sheffield, UK. Renowned for his expertise in oil paintings and watercolors, he skillfully portrays the intricacies of individual life in a humorous manner. Since relocating to the UK, John has found inspiration in the breathtaking landscapes, the charming old… Continue reading John Lau

Frog King Kwok

Frog King

Introduction: Frog King Kwok, a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene, is an artist known for his unique and innovative approach to art-making. His unique visual language and relentless pursuit of artistic freedom have left an enduring impact on the art scene, making him a true pioneer in the field of contemporary art. Artistic… Continue reading Frog King Kwok