New Point Art


Emptiness is…..


Artwork name: Emptiness is … 空即是…
Acrylic on canvas布上丙烯
60cm(L) x40cm(W)


Emptiness is …

“Emptiness is …” creates a three-dimensional space in the two-dimensional space, and brings the four-dimensional space of time into it. There are light, shadow, dust, time, silence and movement in this blank space.

The blank space transcends the realm of painting, transcends the material itself and all its inherent meaning. It allows one to meander around and allure viewers to enter into a realm of boundlessness, in which they could give free vein to their imagination, whilst letting go and blending themselves with the objective world. In such a state which transcends time and space, one feels uninhibited, as free as a bird flying in the sky. The aesthetic experience and sense of harmony one gains by appreciating such works is simply beyond language.

“Emptiness is …” delivers the aesthetic concept of emptiness, Jiwye’s artistic concept. They reach the realm of quietness revealing vibrancy, emptiness revealing visibility, and silence revealing speech. The blank space on the painting attempts to give viewers a tremendous space for their thoughts moving around and playing around, enjoying the beauty of it. After these free aesthetic experiences, the viewers will feel the conscious of emptiness and the transcendent experience. Void makes all more vast.