New Point Art


Metropolis Oasis

A fusion of art and fragrance

Nadia Vitlin



Title: Metropolis Oasis Art Exhibition

Date: 7 – 14 Nov 2023

Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Opening Night : 10th Nov Friday (6:00-8:00pm)


Venue: Room 205, 205 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney

12 works with 12 associated perfumes



A fusion of art and fragrance, a innovative art exhibition combines science and art in unique creations.

The title “Metropolis Oasis” is a sensory art series offering urban dwellers a brief escape to nature. These scented artworks, created in bustling Asian cities, blend visual and olfactory elements, providing a glimpse of paradises like Australia’s floodplains and Hong Kong’s gardens. A momentary immersion in nature amid the urban chaos. For each Oasis, the visual element conveys the scenery and hints at the atmosphere. The olfactory element, however, is the transport into the Oasis – the magic that creates the immersion in the mind, that allows the imagination to unfold.



This body of work is a series of artworks that have been scented throughout their creation, in each step of the process. Colours and scents are mingled synesthetically on the canvas to heighten the experience of visiting a slice of Paradise, and are also accompanied by a wearable fine fragrance that matches the scent of each painting.

Artist Statement

In the busy city streets of today’s world, we have only mere glimpses of nature: walks along the water, tree-lined streets, urban parks. We seek the oxygen of plants and the sound of water. Surrounded by concrete, fumes, the vibrations of traffic, and piles of rubbish; we humans have moved so far from our ancient environments.

Metropolis Oasis is the escape from the city streets into a world made of smaller worlds. Through colour and scent, small vignettes take the audience to different scenes around Australia and Asia: floodplains of western New South Wales, natural pools in Kakadu, gardens in the hills of Hong Kong Island, and so on…

This body of work was created in hotel rooms in the bustling megacities of Seoul, Hong Kong, Tainan, and Taipei. The small hotel spaces, nestled amongst other tall buildings, contrasted heavily with the visual landscapes of the mind – hence the determination to give each work the sense of pure escape that is so necessary for people who live in big cities.

To stand in front of a Metropolis Oasis vignette is to be immersed, if momentarily, in a whisper of nature from elsewhere.

Exhibition Trailer