New Point Art


William Holt

William Holt has a Master of Fine Art in Painting from Monash University and has a broad range of experience in Painting, Sculpture, Installation Art & Photography.

Over the last 15 years William’s had major solo exhibitions and many group shows here in Melbourne ,Sydney & Perth also the Curator at Karstens Gallery 123 Queen Street Melbourne.
The William Holt Gallery and studio is located in a picturesque Tarra Valley Gippsland Victoria.

An experienced art teacher with several years at “Osare Gallery ” in Camberwell, covering traditional oil paintings to abstract techniques.
Also experience in Singapore at secondary school level in drawing
and found object sculpture.

“My approach is to individually recognize what inspires and motivates an artist and art student to help bring out their clearer vision.I often find the natural environment is filled with stimulation more than enough to bring out your creative inspiration.

“The act of painting is a process of all consuming instinct where sheer joy in the moment is sought to reach a decisive conclusion when composition and content combine”

Experience the distinct style of painting that hovers between the energetic abstract plane and the visual tension of the natural world.
The material, physical and tactile nature of the canvas is clearly a spontaneous enjoyment in the act of painting,the dynamic paint application is as if in a whirlwind of pure life-force and vitality.