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Chau Shik Hung

Chau Shik Hung is a renowned Hong Kong artist known for his exceptional talent and captivating artwork. Chau Shik Hung’s artistic style is characterized by a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, combining Eastern aesthetics with Western influences. His works often explore themes of current social change, cultural heritage, and societal issues, reflecting the complexities of Hong Kong’s dynamic environment.

Born in Hong Kong, 1954 graduated from Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts, 2003 Art Commune (Director), 2009 Hong Kong Contemporary Artists Association Founding Convener (Vice President), 2012 Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Creative Centre (Art Consultant), 2005 Selected Outstanding Asian Art Awards 2005 Selected for the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennale, 2012 Hong Kong’s first oil painting competition, outstanding director of the Art Commune since 2003. Since 2009, he has been the founding convener and vice president of the Hong Kong Contemporary Artists Association. Additionally, he has been serving as an art consultant at the HK Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Creative Museum between 2013-2019. In this capacity, he contributes his expertise as a senior art creator and curator, actively shaping the creative landscape and promoting contemporary art in Hong Kong.

In his notable series titled “Flower Card,” some ancient cultural totems and symbols are appropriated and merged into the flower card images, while imbuing them with new color arrangements. The intention is not to simply treat the works as ordinary paintings but rather to convey a specific moment of the local social state. Therefore, traditional expressions such as hints and metaphors are utilized, along with personalized text, to construct the artworks. This approach enables the successful expression of the themes and feelings related to current social events. Mr. Chau aspires To be a messenger, hoping that through the artwork, viewers will experience rich associations and unique emotions.

He has won several awards over the years, including the 2005 Outstanding Asian Art Awards and the Hong Kong Art Biennale, the 2012 Hong Kong First Oil Painting Competition Merit Award and the Beijing Special Exhibition (Wu Di Wu Min – Ding Xin South China) Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition. Also awarded The Sovereign Art Foundation Outstanding Asian Art Award. In 2022, the Fringe Club of Hong Kong hosted his solo exhibition entitled “City Image”.

The works are also featured in art galleries, art institutions, auction houses, galleries and private collections.



巢錫雄為香港著名的藝術家,以其非凡的才華和迷人的藝術作品而聞名。他的藝術風格融合了傳統與現代元素,將東方美學與西方影響融為一體。 他的作品探討當下社會的變遷、文化遺產和社會問題等主題,反映香港動態環境的複雜性。

出生於香港,1979年畢業於香港美術學院,2003 藝術公社(董事) ,2009 香港當代藝術家協會創會召集人(副會長) , 2012 賽馬會鯉魚門創意館(藝術顧問) , 2005 入選傑出亞洲藝術獎。 2005 入選香港當代藝術雙年展, 2012 香港首屆油畫大賽優異, 2003年至今藝術公社董事, 2009年至今香港當代藝術家協會創會招集人副會長, 2013年至2019為香港賽馬會鯉魚門創意館藝術顧問及策展人。積極參與推動當代藝術。


巢錫雄多年來屢獲殊榮,包括2005年傑出亞洲藝術獎及入選香港藝術雙年展、2012年香港首屆油畫大賽優異獎及北京專題展(吾土吾民 – 鼎新華南)油畫邀請展。亦曾獲頒 The Sovereign Art Foundation 傑出亞洲藝術獎。2022 年,香港藝穗會為巢錫雄舉辦其名為《城市意象》的個展。作品更被美術館、藝術機構、拍賣行、基金會、畫廊及私人收藏。